Hello You!

How are you?

My name is Petr Kosnar, my job is to
design your products and applications,
and explore how to make them
to be pleasant to use.

We call it in our branch:
User experience designer, interaction designer, or design researcher.

My work is based on applied psychology, and design & research methods.

I believe that psychology has an answer for plenty of designers' questions.
I keep this in my mind and create products that interact with people effectively.

What have I done so far?

I have designed or contributed to development of dozens of digital products. I transformed many wild ideas into meaningful concepts and real products. I have worked with the cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality head-mounted displays, or interactive smart textiles. My daily work is making the stuff you know from futuristic visions real - wearables, virtual reality, smart products, real Internet of Things products. I regularly speak at conferences and gatherings of design professionals. I contributed to research studies in fields of design, human-computer interaction, and psychology. I am a member of IxDA, UXPA and UX Association. I share knowledge: I lead university courses, workshops, online courses, and write on CZECHDESIGN.cz. I stand behind the Human Computer Interaction literature overview - HCI-books.com. I have travelled into 34 countries (and counting!). Furthermore, I have been in a role of a mentor, clown, member of a jury, consultant, lecturer, lobby boy, project manager, book hero, writer, photographer, snowboard instructor, event organizer, theatre actor, ...and I look forward to discovering more of this world!

Do you want to see more? Check my portfolio!

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Want to contact me other way?

Find me on LinkedIn,
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send me an email at hello@iampetr.com,
or call me: +420 607 778 102.